when you can dream

a dream is a wish you make with your heart

s h a n n o n

Shannon is a eighteen year old female who is sometimes quite shy. Because of this, her journal is Friends Only. But don't be scared to leave a comment and friend her, because she's actually quite nice, and would like to have some new friends.
She is a little insecure, a little crazy, a little melodramatic, and a little bit of a perfectionist. She tends to ramble, lthough she doesn't really notice.

She loves music. She loves reading. She loves role playing. She loves anything that she can immerse herself in and things that really make her feel.
She loves well-written fanfiction and things she can laugh at. She loves puppies and kittens and rainbows and hugs and massages and boys and when people let her know they care.

She can be sarcastic and cruel and bossy and stubborn.

She wishes she could write things eloquently, but often fails. She wants to discover who she really is and she wants to be effected by the people around her.

She wants people to hear songs and read stories and understand the world the same way she does. She wants different views and oppinions. She wants a lot of things that contradict each other.

Sometimes she will obsess- over a song or a quote or a person. She will love this thing with all her heart, and take it in from a million different angles and let it be her whole existance.
Then she will probably drop it after a few months, in favour or something else.
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